Brighton Pilates Testimonials

Brighton Pilates Testimonials


I tried out the HIT Pilates and as usual, Brighton Pilates has come up with the goods. A great class, loads of fun and good exercise, and to top it all, a fab venue. Well done Ellie Priest. I'll be back.

Brighton Botanicals

After 15 years of excellent pilates teachers I still felt I was in a bit of a rut. This changed when I came to Ellie's classes! Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and I have fun and feel challenged. In particular her HIT classes are amazing. To start with I really felt that they were a stretch too far for a 68 year old but she encouraged me to carry on. Now, despite finding them really tough, I can see an improvement in my stamina and I know that the cardio work is really important. As I say, HIT can be tough but no pain no gain and boy do you feel good when you've done it. 

Sue Denney

Ellie is a paissonate pilates teacher. My one to one sessions have been the best move I have made after 12 years of pilates mat classes with different teachers.She  listens to my body and every week we do exercises according to how I am, tailored for my own needs. I have back and shoulder issues and I always leave Ellies class I feeling much better and more mobile! Thank you Ellie xx

Debi Mairesse-Mackay

Ellie is one of the best Pilates teachers I've had, she knows exactly what she's doing and that everyone in her class is in the correct position. Her classes are always invigorating and give a good work out. Ellie is an upbeat and natural teacher who has lots of positive energy and leads by example!

Sophie Tanner

Simply the best in Brighton - Ellie is knowledgeable, helpful, lively and fun. Her classes are both challenging and enjoyable. She is an excellent teacher and has a great attitude towards her many customers.
Frances and Thurstine Bassett

I'm not very confident in my fitness level. And the thought of a group Pilates class terrified me. But Ellie at Brighton Pilates teaches her class so that you feel comfortable and confident no matter what level of fitness you have. Ellie helped me fall in love with Pilates and the healthy eating and fitness easily followed. And I no longer dread the word 'hundreds'. I fully recommend Ellie and Brighton Pilates.
Rachel Sipes

Ellie is a superb teacher. She clears spends a lot of time planning her classes and she is great at demonstrating the moves perfectly. She has an amazing memory and will remember various injuries and ensures there are alternative moves if needed. Outside of the classroom she is a total inspiration providing advice, recipes, health tips etc on a regular basis. Can't recommend her high enough.
Jo Davies

Ellie is a kind, supportive and inspirational Pilates coach. The classes are good for all ages and abilities from young gym bunnies who run marathons to rather elderly, achy people like me!
Paula Jones

Ellie is far and away the best Pilates teacher around! Having attended her classes for a few years now it's obvious she's spends a lot of time planning her lessons in advance, all the movements flow together smoothly, she is innovative, motivational and her classes never get boring as no two are the same :)
Clare Newman

I can't praise Ellie at Brighton Pilates high enough. The courses are well designed and varied. Ellie always takes care in watching that the Pilates exercises are being done correctly and will always offer adjustments to an exercise. I had a knee replacement a few years ago and since doing Pilates with Ellie has really helped my posture and flexibility in my knee. Ellie is so enthusiastic and her classes are a lot of fun too. Best teacher I have had and it has made such a difference.
Kelly Nicholls

I have been doing Pilates with Ellie for over 3 years now. It has improved my core strength and I no longer suffer from the back pain that I used to. Ellie has also taught me throughout my recent pregnancy which I found so helpful. She adapted the moves in the class to suit the different stages of pregnancy I was at. It was very reassuring to have such an experienced and knowledgeable tutor during this period and now I've had my baby I'm back in class again with the aim of getting my stomach tone back to what it was before pregnancy! I would really recommend Ellie's classes to anyone who is thinking of doing Pilates.
Kat Wood


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